Friday, October 27, 2006

Newborn Hat

This is a hat for a pre-school friend's new baby brother. It is knit with thrifted wool, hand dyed with kool-aid. It is quite itchy so I lined it with organic bamboo fabric. It is super tiny so lets hope the newborn has a tiny head. Yay for babies!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Kitten Hat

B's Preschool requires a warm hat on cool days. My daughter requires "pink" and "bows" on almost everything she wears. I hope this fits all requirements and she actually wears it.

Corny Mama Cat Hat

This is my Mama Cat Hat. I made it extra long to cover my ears. It is knit with hand spun Ingeo plied with a merino/silk blend. I wore it today to my daughter's preschool in hopes of inspiring her to wear the required winter hat. The other kids seemed to like it - I guess they are not used to adults wearing fun hats.

This is a close-up of what the Ingeo looks like when it is plied with merino/silk and knit. The spun corn on its own looks like this.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Birthday Gift

This hat began as a white skein of yarn. It was given to my favorite neighbour for her 12th birthday - with the clause that we would dye the wool (with kool-aid) and I would knit it into a hat for her. The original colours she picked were pink, white and green; but then we decided to experiment and poured blue over the whole thing. It was great - some of the pinks turned purple, some of the green turned turquoise and the white turned blue. The pattern was a simple ribbed toque, but shortened becasue she didn't want it to touch her ears - a scull cap of sorts. And a needle felted flower as a finishing touch.


Who knew you could spin corn? I bought the Ingeo fleece at the Fibre Fair, but took awhile to spin it as it scared me. I am new at the spinning thing and had only spun wool. When I finally did it I was surprised how easy it was to spin. I am sad that it can't be dyed. It is VERY white. Almost too white and shiny to go with anything. I ended up plying it with a merino/silk blend that was mostly white with a bit of blue, green and pink. I forgot to take photos of the final product, but I knit it into a hat for myself for this winter. I'll have to photogrpah the hat soon.

Kermit Purse

So it has been awhile since I last posted. It will take me awhile to get into the groove of blogging. Now I will update all of my summer projects....

This is a lovely purse I knit with really chuncky wool bought on sale at The Thread Bear in North vancouver. It is Kermit green with a rainbow thread running through it. It begged to be knit into a purse. The pattern is from a book I can't remember, but I had to alter the pattern to fit the amout of yarn I had anyway. I needle felted a flower from some rovings I dyed with kool-aid. But it was too warm to use in the summer. Thank goodness it is fall now. I think it will be my new knitting bag.