Wednesday, February 21, 2007

One more (almost) Christmas thing...

I wanted to dye some playsilks for B for Christmas. I ordered them from Dharma Trading and had them sent to my mom's house in California so she could bring them with her when she visited us in early December. Well, they missed her by a day and so she couldn't mail them to us until she got home a week later. Then hit the Christmas mail rush and they didn't show up until long after Christmas. So I thought it would be a fun project for B and me to dye them together. She picked out the colours (kool-aid) and I dyed them. We did one for each colour of the rainbow. Some of them turned out a bit blotchy - but it was a first try so I think they turned out great. She uses them for so many things - blankets, costumes, landscapes. Playsilks are a great thing!

We also tried making an enormous rainbow striped silk - but the colours turned out faded in areas and concentrated in others. I wasn't impressed with how it turned out- but she still likes it. I can't figure out how to dye such a large piece of silk in stripes. I must try again some day when I have an outdoor space to splatter with dye.

Another Christmas Present

This I made for a dear friend who is a scarf addict. The end bits are hand spun and dyed. The rest of the scarf is some ancient pink mohair (doubled). The flower on the end is kool-aid dyed and needle felted. Very cute, I think. I hope it is keeping you warm in that big blanket of snow Jennifer!

B's Christmas Present

B picked out this yarn so long ago and I finally got down to making the slippers for her for Christmas. They were a big hit. The pattern is the same as the mini felted ones I made for my niece. I was surprised how thick they ended up. They are a bit big, but the ribbon can pull tight to keep the slippers on. One of her teachers thinks that they look like pink porcupines.