Thursday, November 22, 2007

My Very First Craft Show - EVER!

I am very excited to be selling my knitted bonnets at the Maternal Creations Craft Fair on Friday and Sunday (Saturday is the Vancouver Waldorf Christmas Fair and we just can't miss that!). This is the poster for the Craft Show:

Right now I am printing up tags that need handwritten details of each piece. And prices... I am so bad at pricing things. I like knitting and have a hard time charging for it. This experience will have its own learning curve, I guess. It will also be very strange to be sitting in one spot for more than a few minutes without a small child asking for something. I get to knit for hours on end - such fun! It will all be worth it just for that. I wish I had more variety of things to sell, but I lost my momentum once pregnant. I have so many ideas - just a lack of time. And now there are baby things to make. Diapers, carriers, blankets... We'll see where these craft shows lead me...