Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Back in the Saddle - again, really!

I inherited a laptop!!! I am hoping this will make blogging a heck of a lot easier.

I also started an online painting and drawing class. This class requires some journaling and I thought this would be a good place to do these entries. I can post some pictures of my progress in the class as well. I have drawn and painted before, but long ago. This is a mixed media class where I am hoping to incorporate my fibrey goodness as well. Wool locks, fabric, knitted pieces. Who knows?

So...about the class. I found it by accident. I was checking out the blog of a lovely lady I met on our italy trip 4 years ago. 4 years? Holy shit! I still think about that amazing adventure on a daily basis. Anyway.... Jennifer posted some cute pictures of folk art painting she had done. SO cute. I had to learn how to do it too!

I signed up for Suzi Blu's online class. Videos and online chats. I was so excited to start. I was beaming inside. I couldn't think of anything else. Buying supplies was the first challenge. I want to do this class for me, and therefore I wanted to go shopping for paints on my own as well. Not so easy with a cling-on toddler. Had to do it on a weekend while he was napping. I think I am just going to take him next time. Too much time wasted waiting to get alone time. And now I have run out of titanium white and I need it to move forward.

All was going well with lesson 1 - colour theory (which I covered in grade 9 anyway) and then I decided to google Suzi. Out of curiosity. Stupid move. I found a whole whack of hate posted about her online. Great stories about how she used to be a porn actress and is untrustworthy and fake and makes fun of all her students. This is not good for a person with anxiety issues. I never went to art school because I was terrified of being critiqued, so I studied art history instead. Sitting in a dark room looking at slides was easier than standing in front of a class and having them tell you everything that is wrong with your art. I was traumatized by my findings about Suzi. She seems so cute and quirky in her videos. Slightly unstable, but what truly creative person isn't? Well, I have decided to ignore what I found. She may have burned someone in the past and with the power of computers it is spread all over the interwebs. Sad, really. I feel bad for her. Who hasn't hurt someone's feelings in their past? Who hasn't been hurt, themselves? But why post it publicly? So mean. So very, very mean.

Now it is September. School has started for Miss B and school will start for me too. I need to finish cleaning up my workspace and buy some more titanium white. Then back to the colour scales. I am way behind, but i can catch up! Journal entries to be added shortly.