Monday, November 27, 2006


Lovely name. This is my first knitalong, and I can't wait to do more. I used some wool that I have had sitting around for ages, but didn't know what to do with. This pattern called for a super bulky yarn that is used doubled up so the Padraig yarn worked well. Very thick to knit. Super warm to wear. B calls them elf hats, and today we made the rainbow one into a princess hat by pinning a silk scarf to the top. I'll have to post a picture of what they look like on - flat photos do not do them justice.

Freehand Hedgehog

This hedgehog came out of a request from one of B's teachers. She had a similar one that a parent made 15 years ago. I thought it was cute and told her I'd try to recreate it. It was so easy to do and was made up in two evenings. The knotted quills took longer than knitting the whole thing!

The SNB Capelet

I loved knitting this capelet, even though it was my first attempt at lace. Knitted lace is so amazing in that the odd instructions turn out to be a lovely pattern in the end. But I guess that is true for all knitted projects, non? It is frustrating at first. It took awhile to get the sequence under control. I used some beautiful handspun Shades of Narnia wool. Luckily I had just enough to finish the whole pattern. I wish I had made it a few sections longer, but ther ewas no more yarn. It was perfect as a cover-up for my borther's wedding in August. It was one of those freak August days were it rained, and up on the mountain where he got married it was foggy and freezing cold. My spidery capelet kept me snug and warm.

Don't you love the model? I do not have any wedding photos of me wearing it...

Knitted Kitten

More cats, I know... This was knitted to silence B who is constantly asking me to knit her something. It was really simple - just two rectangles, and an i-cord tail. I did it awhile ago, but just found it in her stash of animals. I'll have to make more.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Button Clips

Here are some cutie clips I made for B's friend's birthday. I am so in love with these - it was hard to part with them. I think they'd make great items to sell - what do you think?

Hazards of the Job

I found a beautiful dress with the price tags still on in our co-op's "share pile", but it was an non-colour of boring beige. Luckily the tag (in Polish) read that it was part cotton and part nylon. The dyer in me jumped for joy. So I broke out the dyes and decided on a light fushia. I made an immersion bath and plunged the presoaked dress in. All was going well - I didn't splash and the dress was absorbing the colour in a way that was better than I had imagined. The disaster happened when I took my gloves off. Two fingers must have had small holes because I had two fushia fingers. It took about a week to wear off. Here is a photo a day after the damage. I'll have to photograph the dress later.

And...I got a new camera. I had two digital cameras, one for my professional photography work and one portable one that died on the Italy trip a few months ago. The camera people said that there was goo inside that glued the lens inside and the cost to fix it was close enough to the cost of a new camera. The new camera is waterprooof - we can take it swimming in the summer. And no more goo can make it into the lens as it is sealed.