Thursday, August 08, 2013

100 things to do this summer...

Summer is half over - when did that happen????

Last summer we made a list of 100 things we wanted to do.  It was a big hit!  It gave us things to look forward to and gave us ideas on days we were bored.  We pretty much checked off all of our list, with a few alterations along the way.  This is our list for this summer:

1 Make ice cream
2 Bike to playground under Cambie Bridge
3 Bike to firetruck playground
4 Bike around Stanley Park
5 Outdoor pool - Second Beach
6 Outdoor pool - Kits
7 Outdoor pool - Maple Grove
8 Outdoor pool - New Brighton
9 Thrift store
10 Thrift store
11 Tie Dye
12 Casa Gelato
13 Geo Caching
14 Geo Caching
15 Geo Caching
16 Geo Caching
17 Geo Caching
18 Geo Caching
19 Geo Caching
20 Geo Caching
21 Geo Caching
22 Geo Caching
23 Catch crabs for dinner
24 Pick huckleberries
25 Pick blackberries
26 Pick raspberries
27 Pick strawberries
28 Pick blueberries
29 Pick tayberries
30 Waterpark
31 Stop an icecream truck
32 Make a pinata for courtyard kids
33 Find a photobooth
34 Penny toss adventure/walk
35 Girls/boys night out
36 Folk Fest!
37 Get slurpees
38 Dog Park/Beach
39 Dog Park/Beach
40 Dog Park/Beach
41 Dog Park/Beach
42 Dog Park/Beach
43 Dog Park/Beach
44 Dog Park/Beach
45 Dog Park/Beach
46 Dog Park/Beach
47 Dog Park/Beach
48 Dim Sum!
49 Fish & Chips
50 Fly kites
51 Make slime
52 Play soccer
53 Farmer's Market
54 Farmer's Market
55 Farmer's Market
56 Farmer's Market
57 Farmer's Market
58 Make marshmallows
59 Go camping
60 Go camping
61 Go camping
62 Bellingham
63 Trader Joe's
64 Lego Store!
65 Dance in the rain
66 Make seed bombs
67 Build a beach fort
68 Make lego crayons
69 Make cupcakes
70 Fireworks
71 Chinese Garden
72 Make candy
73 Candy store
74 Japanese candy store
75 Daiso shopping
76 Swim in a lake
77 Swim in the ocean
78 Swim in a river
79 Watergun fight
80 Waterballoon fight
81 Make spongeballs for waterfight
82 Pajama day - movies and popcorn
83 Make a sand castle
84 Blow bubbles
85 Explore tidepools
86 Hike up a mountain
87 Screenprint/stamp session
88 Chalk drawings
89 Decorate snails
90 Bunny park
91 Minigolf
92 Feed ducks/swans
93 Sprinklers!
94 Drive-in movie or outside movie
95 Indoor movie
96 Go to camp - Miss B
97 Go to camp - Mr. Mister
98 Tag in the dark
99 Eat outside on the deck
100 HAVE FUN!!!!!!

We have the list printed out and we put stickers on each of the items we have completed.  We are at about 50% right now.  Only 26 days until school starts - but technically summer goes until September 21, right?  We still have time to finish our list.

How is your summer going?


I seem to have been absent for a bit, again.  I kind of lost my motivation with the month of craftiness.  I feel bad when I can't keep up; when life takes over and I can't finish the things I hoped to complete.  When I'm not perfect, I freeze.

Around the same time of this guilt/panic attack, I attended a night of motivational speakers with a dear friend of mine.  The series is called Sparkfly. The evenings entail two creative Vancouver women telling their inspirational stories to an intimate group of gals.  It was held at the now closed Little Nest.  We settled into listening to the first lady but I found her catch phrases really hard to relate to - I wasn't inspired.  Yummy pastries and tea were served in-between speakers and we each decorated a stone with words/drawings to share with another attendee.  The second speaker came up and sat down with us.  She really touched my heart.  Her personal stories made sense to me and I took away this from her musings: you have something unique and special to share with the world and no one can tell you how to do that.  Did you hear that? NO ONE can tell you how to be you.  Hallelujah!  Why was I stressing about the list of homemade things I needed to do just because someone made up a list?  The list is meant to be inspirational, but why do I have to do them when they tell me to?  I've never really been a follow-the-rules kind of person anyway, so why should I do it now?

This realization made me think about my blog.  Despite the fact that I love blogs that post regularly, I have decided that on this blog you may never see a regular feature - no Throw back Thursday, no Wordless Wednesdays.  I'll post here and there when I document something that I did that I think is pretty cool.  It won't be everyday.  Hopefully it will be at least once a week.  When I am inspired, you will hear from me.  And this is okay!

Am I doing this blog to become famous?  Certainly not.  I want to document and share the things we do at home and share them with friends.  I do hope to make a few new friends who have similar interests, and it is already happening!

Oh, and the inspirational stone we were to choose from the bowl on our way out the door?  This is the one that landed in my hand:

Fail gloriously.

Yes indeed.  I failed gloriously and I am picking myself up off the floor and I will start again. And again.  And again.

I'm currently healing from a nasty fall about eight weeks ago that left me with a dislocated shoulder, but I am getting back to my regular activities.  I can still knit.  Sewing isn't easy, but I am drawn to it again as the piles of clutter in my house are being put back in order.  Summer is half over and school will be starting again.  This fall I will have two kids in school full time.  This will leave me with six hours everyday that I can devote to the things I love to do that I haven't had time to do.  I might even look for work that can be done during school hours.  Lots of change is on the horizon.