Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Spinning into Spring

I'm back!

The Spring sunshine and making some new crafty friends has really boosted my creative energy.  I've been sewing a lot lately. Banners, pjs, hats and other odds and ends. Knitting has taken a back seat for a little while.  I started a pair of trilobite-patterned socks that really hurt my hand to knit.  I'm almost finished the first sock, but I am not motivated to start the second.  I need something more mindless than counting and knitting a complicated pattern. I need some instant gratification - hence the sewing.  Another of my favourite instant gratification projects is spinning wool.  Spinning is very mindless and meditative.  I was gifted a bag of cornflower blue and dandelion yellow locks that were staring me down so I decided it was time to play with them.  I hand-fluffed the blue locks and roughly spun them into singles.

Next, I needle felted the yellow locks into small circles - little dandelions!

The needle felted flowers were then threaded onto short lengths of the blue singles.

Simon decided that they looked like eggs that needed hatching. You gotta love the furry friend helpers...

I plyed with a thin blue thread and added the threaded flowers at random times.  Spun all together, I think it looks like blue sky and bright yellow dandelions.  Pure Spring!

I think it is going to make a great hat.  I also think I need to spin some greens and browns to make a grass like band for the hat that will be overflowing with dandelions. What do you think?


Free Range Mama said...

Love it! I WILL spin someday...

Unknown said...

So pretty!